HP Pavilion 500-210qe Review - Some of the New Processor Options, Hard disk drive, and Audio Technology

HP Pavilion Review - The best brand that is now offering Haswell processing technology is HP. This new micro-architecture for processors was created by Intel Core. It's really a step-up from the Ivy Bridge architecture that's still found on the average PCs. The HP Pavilion 500-210qe is really a new, popular desktop that doesn't has only Haswell technology, but other good features including Windows 8 and DTS+ Sound.

HP Pavilion Review - Although it is a home PC, it may nevertheless be employed for business also. Quite a few for almost anything, as long as you personalize it with enough memory and graphics technology to meet your needs. Its expandability and versatility make it a very convenient computer.

HP happens to be good at building its computers with quality materials. It isn't a cheaply made computer at all, however it's still available at an affordable price. Its glossy black tower has enough room for additional components.

When listening to music, podcasts, radio, or any other kind of audio, it is possible to take pleasure from quality sound. The DTS Sound+ technology, with the speakers, produces rich sounds. The Pavilion 500 comes with applications and tools which help users organize music files. You can edit them in a plethora of possibilities that will create playlists.

You can find multiple choices for the Intel Core processor. Every option is a 4th generation model. Pick from several i5 and i7 models. The starter choice is an i5 processor that can get up 3.0 GHz. This can be more than enough speed and memory for everyday tasks. You might not must upgrade unless you desire to run demanding programs and games.

It is also exactly the same using the memory. The default 6 GB of memory (DDR3) might or might not be enough for your requirements. Your computer holds as much as two memory modules totaling 16 GB.

Options for graphics support include AMD HD, NVIDIA, and standard Intel HD, which is default option. You can choose one of the better graphics options when customizing the transaction or add a professional video card down the road.

The optical drive can be a DVD writer/player. There is certainly room for any Blu-Ray player if you'd like one. Store all of your favorite movies and songs on the 1 TB hard drive. This can be expandable also; up to 2 TB more may be added on.

While it isn't the best PC around, still gives you a great deal to assist if you have it custom. The HP Pavilion 500-210qe can be build to meet most of, if not ALL of one's requirements. Whether you want it for general, daily use, or wish to use it for some thing specific, you have enough customization alternatives to assemble it accordingly.